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According to the Small Business Association (SBA), when compared to other forms of advertising, on-premise signs are the best bang for the buck. In fact, their analysis states that the cost per 1000 impressions is a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising, such as radio, TV, and newspaper. Once a sign is installed, it works to notify potential customers what you sell and who you are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! 

Exterior signs available through Signature Signs of Des Moines:

  • Monument
  • Channel letter
  • Pylon
  • Lit or non lit dimensional lettering
  • LED message board
  • Lit and non lit awnings
  • Directional and wayfinding
  • And more!



Awnings are a great way to gain exposure for your business. Commercial awnings look professional, while promoting your business. If you have an existing awning for your business, Signature Sign and Graphic can also recover or repair your awning and make it look new

A benefit of commercial awnings provided by Signature Sign and Graphics is that the entire awning does not count toward the square footage for most sign regulations. Rather, only the part of the awning that has graphics on it will usually be counted toward your sign allotment. With the increased amount of attention that awnings draw, you will be able to enjoy a large return on investment.

Typically, a commercial awning project can be completed in 3 - 4 weeks. In most areas if you want Signature  to install an awning, you will need a permit prior to installation. We can provide this as part of our comprehensive service or assist you in your application process.


Dimensional Lettering for Exterior Applications

In addition to lighted channel letter and light boxes we offer individual dimensional lettering.  In many cases this type of exterior lettering can be a very cost effective option to identify your business. They can be lighted both internally and externally for good visibility both day and night.

Here at Signature Sign and Graphics we are a authorized reseller of Gemini letters who offer many options for lettering almost any application.  The letters are offered in flat cut acrylic, molded plastic, flat cut and molded metal, illuminated molded plastic, and fabricated metal lettering both illuminated and non-illuminated. 

They offered in a large variety of fonts and sizes. Many come with a lifetime guarantee and many are made right here in Iowa at their Decorah manufacturing facility.

Directional and Way Finding Signs

Directional and Way Finding Signage: For large companies, directional and way finding signs are used to direct traffic flow, therefore guiding customers and vendors to the proper locations.  Using a wide variety of shapes and sizes, our graphics specialists can help you accomplish this in a unified and professional manner.  Keeping your signs consistent and branded leaves a positive and lasting impression.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are used to direct traffic flow, guiding customers and vendors to the proper locations.  Using a wide variety of shapes & sizes, our graphics specialists can help you accomplish this in a unified & professional manner.  Keeping your signs consistent and branded leaves a positive and lasting impression.

Monument Signs

When you need a sign to create maximum visual impact then a custom architectural monument sign is an ideal choice. We can work with you to consider all the options, and design a monument sign that is best for your location and budget. We can fabricate our monument signs to your exact specifications and needs. You often see monument signs used for school entrances, residential entrances, business park entrances, in fact they can be used wherever an upscale professional look is required. Check out our gallery to see how a monument sign can work for you, or call Signature Sign and Graphics today for a consultation with one of our monument sign experts.

Real Estate Sign

Choose Signature Sign and Graphics for your real estate signs. We offer a wide variety of signs and sign frames designed to promote the real estate industry. In fact real estate sign kits can be used for many industries. You often see real estate signs beings used by general contractors, plumbers, builders, the list goes on!. Real estate signs are a great way to help promote any business. We are able to design and print full color real estate signs that will grab attention and bring in sales for your business. Because of the higher quality materials that are used to make our real estate signs they give a much more professional look when compared with our yard signs and corrugated plastic signs. To read more information about our yard signs click the more info link below.

Carved Signs, Routed Signs, and Sand - Blasted Signs

Wood signs are a sign industry standard. Carved, routed or sand-blasted, these types of signs have a classic elegance. Often seen in quaint little tourist towns, these signs will dress up any storefront. New products that look like wood but are actually a high density urethane allow you to have the traditional wood look without the maintenance. HDU will not rot, peel and crack like wood, but can be routed, carved or sand blasted just like wood.

Side Walk Signs & A Frame Signs

Side walk signs & A frame signs are a great cost effective way to advertise. Side walk signs make a great choice for high traffic areas, such as in front of shops, and convenience stores etc. Perhaps your store front doesn't get the visibility it deserves, why not create an a frame sign to put near the road or sidewalk to help increase your exposure or to help promote your sale or special event. Another great thing about side walk signs is that they are ultra portable, and can be made with changeable letters, your own unique designs, or a combination of both!

Signature Sign and Graphic carries a variety of styles of side walk signs and a frame signs. From easy-grip molded handles to secure, interchangeable sign inserts.  Add full-color vibrant graphics along with your custom logo and colors, for the perfect portable advertisement.

This product can be created and purchased anytime 24/7 online through SignExpress. It can be done in as little as 10 minutes and in most cases available at our store in 2 business days.

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